Bringing you to your meds


Regain your independence with our medication reminder system

The app

Our app is the control center for the button alarm. Schedule medication alarms, create medication notes, and view medication history with our simple app

The button

Our patent pending button blinks and alarms bringing the user to the meds. Pressing the button tracks pill taking history allowing the user/caregiver to notice trends to improve medication compliance

The dashboard

Our HIPAA secure dashboard provides a customizable view of the user's compliance history. Easily scroll through all data at a glance, saving significant time and effort  

The Geofence

Life is busy and medication reminders have to keep up. Users can get reminders when leaving home to bring pills along or snooze alarms until they return home

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Regain your independence

Give your family peace of mind

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What PillCast Does

For Users

PillCast is designed to work with any pillbox. It is an alarm and self-reporting button that
allows you to track and share your pill-taking routine with caregivers and family members


Attach PillCast to your own pillbox - no need to re-learn a new layout

Mobile App

Download our app from the App Store or Google Play store. Pair your mobile app with the PillCast via BlueTooth


Take 30 seconds to program your schedule into the mobile app - PillCast will do the rest, alarming to bring you to your meds every time they're are due

For Caregivers

PillCast was also designed from the ground up to work as a pillbox reminder system for caregivers and staff at facilities to take care of and monitor one or more patients who want to stay compliant on their medications but have a hard time keeping track.


No more pen and paper tracking! Self-reports from your clients are tracked digitally and displayed on an intuitive dashboard.

Virtual Visits

Save your staff's travel time and effort by using our video conference system embedded into the PillCastâ„¢ app to check in on your patients and confirm that they've taken their pills.

Smart monitoring

If your facility covers multiple patients, contact us to discuss how we can help your organization deploy PillCast sitewide.

Get a PillCast

Our PillCast buttons are designed and manufactured in the US, and available now!
If you're responsible for managing a facility with multiple patients, please contact us for facility rates

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